Thursday, January 24, 2013

Oops...I did it again

Ha after writing the blog title to this post I started to hum to myself "I'm not that innocent...oops I did it again to your hAaaaAart...." (Brit and I go way back guys)

Anyway, here's the thing about being a graphic designer. Its a frekkin curse and a blessing.

Blessing: I get to create pieces of art from scratch using my imagination.

Curse: I can not for the life of me pick my own frekkin brand style.

sigh, so I did it again. I changed up my brand *one more time*

BUT I am proud of myself because I didn't veer too far off track here, I still kept the same font in the word "ART" as well as some arrow/geometic elements and my signature crisp heart.

So, props for that? No? No props? I'll also take high 5s and a stale doughnut (oh yeah spoiler alert: I re-started weight watchers, so I would do anything right now for a slab of cheese and a milk shake) (do you hear me? Anything) (so stale doughnuts are welcomed)


somebody, anybody, please make me stop? I always do this to myself when I have, like, 1,000 business cards on hand full of old branding *face palm*


  1. Hey, I am so there with you! I finally hired a really great designer to design my current logo. It was good to get fresh eyes on my brand, and I paid good money for it, so now I will stick with it for a few years!

    That being said, I really like your branding!


  2. I LOVE the new design. I think change is a good thing. ;)

  3. I really love it! Simple, fresh + clean!! I love your style Leonora!! xo

  4. Very nice! Clean and simple. I just changed up my blog design again. It's nice to stay fresh. LOL

  5. i saw that you did this yesterday.. you crazy pants. ;)

  6. I love both!!! It's ok to be a little indecisive ;) Just mix it up and have different brandings for different parts of the website ;)

    P.S. Totally giggled and sang along with you.
    P.S.S. I'm not on WW, but I am counting calories on MFP (My Fitness Pal) and I can go for quite a bit as well ;) Curse you, Holiday Weight!

  7. I HATE IT when my big ol' long comment gets eaten. Let's try to recreate, shall we? ((grumble grumble))

    When I was all "Is it terribly confusing for people to change my shop name??? But I hate my shop name!!!" a fellow shop-owner put it in perfect perspective for me: "You're not Amazon. You're not Nike. You totally have the freedom to switch it up." And especially with how often you do it, it's almost part of your brand, like, "What _will_ she do next???" It's awesome :)

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  9. You are awesome. The new design is very up to the minute and eye-catching. Screw the old business cards...the business the new branding will bring in will defray the cost of the old cards!

  10. I love that you switch it up! I especially love the new design. And just cause you changed it doesn't mean you can't still use your old business cards. The info is the same so they'll still know who you are.

  11. But it's gorgeous and streamlined...grown-up, if you will :-) Not that I didn't love it before!!

  12. Love this!!!!!! I agree I can't decide on my branding either!!!! Yours looks great though. Good evolution!


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