Friday, January 25, 2013

Freebie Friday! Imagine Wallpapers for your Smart Phones

Hey I'm on a roll with this whole freebie friday thang.

Hope you guys like these new wallpapers! They're geometric mountains with the word "imagine" placed at the base of one of the triangles.

iphone 4

iPhone 5

Just open up this blog post on your phone, tap the image with your finger (so it opens at full size) then press and hold and save it to your phone's camera roll! Please remember these are for personal use only, let's all play nice and use them for just that :) artwork can not be copied, used or produced.

Oh and in other news I have been super  busy preparing for Yellow Heart Art's spring collection launch! There will be new stamp designs, more motivational prints, fun geometric patterns AND a completely new product!

Just a warning, if you had your eye on some prints, plushes or necklaces they will be taken away from the "Last Chance" section once the new line hits. I want to start off fresh, so nab them now before they're gone.

HAPPY FRIDAY! (or as Phil on duck dynasty says "Happy Happy Happy") (yeah, I watch duck dynasty, and frankly so should you, its a diamond in the rough) (also, what does "frankly" mean? Is it from a guy named frank? Can I start a phrase that says "And quite Leonora-ly you should"?) (its a work in progress...)

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