Wednesday, January 30, 2013

...did you know?

Did you know that back in the hay day I was super into make up, hair and photography?

True story: In high school I did all of my friend's hair and make up for homecoming, Prom and even weddings. I always had to be the one to get ready in 20 minutes since I was so busy getting 10 girls hurr all did up. (there goes my inner gangsta again)

My friend, Courtney, wanted to do 60's inspired photo shoot for one of her photo assignments.

So we went back in time hard, real hard.

60's leonora, look at that lip snarl. Photography by Courtney Webber

60's Courtney. Hair, make up and photography by yours truly

and for fun I turned one of the photos I took of Courtney into an old school LIFE magazine cover.

not sure if this is "sad" or "awesome" but we used all own own clothes and jewelry to "60's" it up. We had to get really creative. Oh, and that yellow fuzzy bolero that court is rockin? We just happened to find it lying in the photo lab, and it totally worked.

who wants to go all 80's with me next weekend? Party at my place! you bring the legwarmers I'll being the snap bracelets.


  1. Thats really cool. Your photos look great. They actually look like photos from the 60s. I also love the Life cover. That is really adding a nice touch.

  2. That's SO fun! I was always THAT girl too. Hair, especially and even went on to do hair. :)


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