Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Favorite Valentine Day Cards and a discount!

Yes, I know, Christmas like *JUST* happened and all but let's get real guys Valentine's day is coming soon, real soon. And that baby in the over sized diaper carrying arrows is not going to wait for you if you procrastinate on getting some cards for your homies (Side Note: Why does cupid carry sharp objects with him? Last I checked babies aren't suppose to be playing with something that can slice a vital artery or 2)

My favorite shop on Etsy to get any kind of card from is my girl Julie of Julie Ann Art. She's got sass, quirk and class (yes, that is possible guys) (triple threat and whaaat) I even got to hang with her a few months back at a creative retreat we both attended!

The best part? Not only does she make valentines day cards for your boo (boo: see also Husband, Boyfriend, Fiance or baby daddy) but she also makes cards to give to your bitches best girlfriends! Because lets face it, your girlfriends are kind of your soul mates too, am I right?

aaaaand this is by far my favorite

it literally made me laugh out loud. I mean come on...chickens?


and wanna hear something super awesome? Now till February 7th Julie is giving you guys 10% off all her cards with the code "YELLOWHEART"

you, my friends, are welcome.

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oh hey in case you missed it:

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  1. Thanks for the feature! Hope you love your cards!! <3

  2. I love her stuffs, she's fabulous!! Will totally use this discount!!

  3. where am i looking in that photo? i look insane.

  4. I just discovered these cards yesterday. I love them!


  5. HA! The first time I read that card on my itty bitty screen, I thought it said "DICKENS". And I thought, that's a weird quote to be attributed to him... I never knew he said that!. And then of course, I see it says, "P.S. CHICKENS" and now I feel totally goofy. But I'm laughing even harder, so it's kinda worth embarrassing myself in your comments section.

    Totally going over to her shop now!


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