Thursday, December 27, 2012

That time another man got me a christmas gift

How was everyone's holidays?! I just frekkin LOVE christmas. When else can you bake an insane amount of cookies, leave them out for a magical man who breaks into your house to do the opposite of robbery, and wake up to a glorious amount of gifts?!

Exactly. Never.

This christmas was amazing. There was a giant gift in our living room that Bub was waiting to open for weeks. He had no clue what it was, and I kept saying to him "I wrapped a single hershey kiss and put it in an obnoxiously large huge box to throw you off, its nothing, really"

Ok, so I lied


By the way, if anyone is wondering what to get me for my birthday I will take some ear plugs and a vodka cranberry, hold the vodka.

One plus to having a boyfriend who is super supportive and follows your business's facebook page is that sometimes he surprises you with fun etsy stuff that you post on there that you really really really wanted.

I had saw this cute ring dish on etsy and fell in love. I have no place to put my rings, and I loved that the artist customizes the dishes by carving initials into it! (B+T are our nick name initials, promise I didn't get someone else's gift)

The best part? The fact that this gift was from "Henry Waterton". Bub had no clue who Henry Waterton was, but felt the need to keep the note in the box anyway. I was like "Bub, Henry Waterton is your alias on etsy" He was super confused for a second. You see, Bub was my first sale ever on etsy. He didn't want me to know it was him so he purchased a print from my shop as "Henry Waterton". He never changed his etsy name and now all my gifts from him are from Henry, but I feel as though Henry and I have made a real connection over the years so I decided that I can call him "Huck" now. So, thanks Huck for the dish! Its Le Adorable.

Speaking of handmade, Bub also made me a super cute elephant tissue dispenser

The tissues come out of his trunk, I want to spoon with him at night I love him so much. I named him Elfred. Elfred, meet the Yellow Heart Art readers, Yellow Heart Art readers meet Elfred.

Oh and the-most-awesome-gift-of-them-all? An airplane necklace from Tiffanys. Bub is in the airforce and I just love it oh so much.

How was your christmas loves?!

The Life of the Wife


  1. You are so cute!!!! I love that elephant! So cute! I had a great Christmas! Mostly about the little tots this year and it was amazing!

  2. You are such an awesome girlfriend!! :)
    And that little elephant is just ADORABLE!!! eeeep!

  3. I LOVE that Steve made that tissue dispenser. love it!! haha you guys :)

  4. Looks like so much fun!!! Your blog is lovely! I'm your newest follower:) I found you through Jenna's Xmas link up:) I'm hanna and you can find me at


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