Friday, December 28, 2012

A look back on 2012

I had so much fun putting together this post and seeing all the things that has happened to me and Yellow Heart Art this past 2012! Here is a quick little year in review

February - Purchased a ticket for a creative conference in Arizona, little did I know the people I was about to meet would be life long friends.

March - was contacted by Rachael Ray magazine to potentially have my camera plush appear in their Summer issue, had to send out my plush the next day! Also met some amazing friends at a creative conference in Arizona. I love these girls so much and they have all helped me by giving me advice and input with Yellow Heart Art! Plus they're really rad and awesome <3

April - Officially launched our wooden necklace collection!

May - Got the word that I would be a vendor at Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn NY

June - Had my first ever Renegade craft show in Brooklyn, New York. My booth neighbor was Project Runway Winner Jay Mccarol. It was so amazing to meet my customers in person, I would do it again in a second.

July - Something is delivered to my door step to "Yellow Heart Art", I open it up to find a thank you note from Rachael Ray magazine for letting them use my camera plush in their magazine. This was my first ever paper magazine publication!

August - FAB contacts me about running a deal on their website, I say "hellz yeah!" and my FAB deal goes live. Also "PS. I made this" tweeted a link to my FAB deal (umm, SWOON MUCH?!)

September - Took a mini break from Yellow Heart Art to go on vacation in Ireland with the bubs! While over there I get an email letting me know one of my prints was featured in Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine.

October - Debuted our rubber stamp collection the day before Hurricane Sandy hit Long Island. We were with out power for close to 2 weeks, and in that time so many of you guys offered to send me anything I needed. You all were amazing and I can not thank you enough for all the love and concern.

November - Started to sell a Hurricane Sandy Relief print where all proceeds went to help victims of Hurricane Sandy. To date we have raised over $150 to give to the ASPCA to help pets that were abandoned during the storm.

December - contacted by Sony to make special "Sony camera plushes" to be given away as christmas gifts at their holiday party.

ok, I can not WAIT for 2013. I have even more new ideas for Yellow Heart Art! You all have been sooo amazing and supportive of me and my art! As a thank you I am giving you guys some crazy deals with my end of year clearance sale! Select 8x10 prints are 50% off and all our necklaces are still 50% off! Help me get rid of this stuff so I can add to my 2012 awesome list :) stock up for valentines day!


  1. What an amazingly fabulous year!!! (Minus Sandy)
    I look forward to continuing to follow your success! xoxox

  2. What a fantastic year of success for you! Congratulations!!

  3. awww loved reading your post, so proud of you sweets! <3 seeing your work blossom & gain recognition, your passion & creativity really shines through! (As I look at your creativity print in my office ;)) Can't wait to see what u have in store 4 Yellow Heart Art! xoxoxo <3 u

  4. You had a fantastic year. Lots of firsts, lots of recognition. Next year will only be better. You're awesome and I love you!

  5. You are

    Is it okay that I brought that back?

    Also, I am tempted to start a conference of awesome in Seattle.

  6. this is one sweet year - cuz i met YOU! ;)

  7. SONY! AHHHHH! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. This is such a lovely idea!! to look back on the year and pick the best things from each month, I'm not sure I'd even be able to remember if I'm honest :s wonderful post though :) I'm having a giveaway if you'd like to enter :) Hope you have a good NYE! xx

  9. You had an awesome year! I love stopping by your blog, it's motivating to see all of this!


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