Wednesday, December 5, 2012

S is for Christmas?

I'm on team Christmas, I love the holiday, I do, but buying for so many people can be super stressful. The bubs and I have to buy for about 25 people every year, and of those 25 people 5 of them also have birthdays between November and January.

Whenever I can I try to also include a handmade gift. Handmade gifts can be tricky though, you don't want them ooze with cheddar (see also: Cheesy)

Last Christmas one of the gifts I gave me nephew, Stefano, was this piece of original artwork for his nursery.

excuse all the watermarking, my art has been circulating on pinterest unsourced and it makes me wanna punch someone in the throat.

I love how it turned out! If it didnt take me hours to make a single letter "S" I would contemplate selling them in the shop (who knows, maybe they'll make a cameo in the Spring 2013 collection!) 

Are you giving and handmade gifts this year?


  1. Love it! Yep! I'm giving a few crocheted blankets, hats and scarves. :)

  2. Love this piece! I did handmade coasters last year as some of my gifts... I'd like to DIY some items this year, but haven't picked a project yet. I need to get on it!

  3. I'm giving almost ALL handmade this year. EEK. Can't wait.

    Also, LOVE this "S." Put me down for an "M" if you decide to sell them. <3


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