Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Bucket List

Somethings I want to try to accomplish, whose with me?

• Even though I get complimented on it at least once a day I wanna part with my super long hair and donate it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths and give it to a little girl battling with cancer or alopecia.

• Master the art of eye liner

• While I'm at it also find a smudge proof "will-survive-the-zombie-apocalypse" eye liner

• Finally open my Bridal line and Design line for Yellow Heart Art

• Figure out what it is exactly that Meatloaf won't do for love

• To sit down in a chair and not "tug" at my clothes (this may or may not require working out) (who am I kidding it totally does)

• Save my money and see Europe, all of Europe

• Ride in a hot air balloon

• Figure out how to cook something so awesome that Paula Dean her self would be all like "guuuuurl that shiz is GOOD" (side note: Paula Dean needs to incorporate the word "Shiz" into her daily vocab)

• Figure out how in the world to get my right hand to look just as ballin' as my left hand when giving myself a manicure

• To not order "penne a la vodka" every time I step foot into an Italian restaurant

• Own 2 dogs and name them "Sans" and "Serif" (ha I crack myself up…)

• Find a way to be able to afford a home on Long Island (half a million for a frekkin house? I'm sorry instead of water coming out of your faucets is it pouring out liquid gold? Was the roof built by hand by Leonardo DaVinci himself? Oh and your ceiling is made up of marble from *thee* sistine chapel?  My apologies for questioning how much you are selling your house for, half a million sounds totally reasonable)

• Make Yellow Heart Art my main source of income

• When the time comes for me to be a bride throw a totally non-traditional wedding (Sorry mom)

• To down size my purses, they keep growing by the month. I'm a walking CVS pharmacy.

What are some things you wanna cross off the 'ol bucket list?


  1. Awesome smudgeproof liner:


    Also, you seriously will have no regrets if you donate your hair. I've done it twice, and it's wildly liberating. All that time NOT spent with a stupidhead blow dryer along makes it worth it. It's just hair. You can do it.

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  3. You're awesome, adorable and I love you!

  4. Love it. Houses in San Diego are half a million +, so my goal is to move somewhere cheaper!

  5. Awesome bucket list, girlie! Haha, I laughed so hard at the Meatloaf one and the Sans & Serif, oh my gawd - how cute would that be! Love your sense of humor! So cute :]

    ♥ Emily

  6. ThisissuchagoodideaforapostIhopeyoudon'tmindifIstealit.


  7. Where do you live? Because unfortunately, 1/2 a mill is the median down here in good 'ol So Cal. And when you find out what Meatloaf won't do for love, let me know! I totally curious! :)

    And you're hilarious, and talented by the way.

  8. um shout out to "bub's mom"

    my bucket list:
    - redo our basement/finish our house
    - actually train our monster of a dog
    - travel, travel, travel. more europe, asia, south america...
    - work for myself!!!!!!
    - publish a book
    - learn math (ha!)


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