Thursday, August 9, 2012

How to prep for a pop up shop and craft show!

Hay gurl haaaaay

guess where I am today?

I'm over at Heather's Blog JustLove.Ly talkin' bout how to get yo ass in gear and prep for a craft fair or pop-up shop.

You can see a snippet below! Thank you again heather for having me :)


Waddup Just Lovely readers! I'm Leonora from Yellow Heart Art. I'm a graphic designer who started Yellow Heart Art back in January of 2011 as a way for me to be my own boss and be 100% creative. Unfortunately at my corporate full time job I don't get to be very creative (there is only so much one can do with slate gray…) My shop is full of quirky typography art, fun plushes and pretty rad-o necklaces.

Heather was super stoked to find out that I was going to be a vendor in Renegade Craft Fair. (if you're unfamiliar with Renegade you guys can get acquainted right over here) She asked if I could write a post about how one prepares for a craft fair. Obviously the answer is apparent here.

you panic.

No, just kidding.


Don't let the months leading up to your craft fair fool you. You might think "eh, its 2 months away, mama's got this". Well, I got news for you. Mama don't got this. The worse thing you can do is put off and procrastinate getting inventory together for your show. I found out I was accepted to Renegade back in May. That meant I had almost 2 and a 1/2 months to prep for the show, and that is exactly what I did. I dedicated at least 5 days a week to slowly prepping and building up my inventory. Which was great for when I ran into hiccups.


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  1. yay! Just found you through just lovely! So glad I did!!!

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