Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Secret Life Of A Graphic Artist

Whenever I find a handmade shop that I love I just imagine them having this super posh life style while making pretty things in their pinterest perfect art studio.

I imagine their studio to have gorgeous hard wood floors with a light gray wall full of brightly colored art prints in nice clean white frames. I'd imagine their desk look sleek and modern with a bunch of drawers labeled and organized with all of their art supplies.

Umm, do you guys know what my "studio" is like?

Cause I'll tell ya.

Currently there are 1,000 shipping envelopes pressed up against our dining room table. If a guest comes over they have to sit indian style 5 feet in the air on top of the boxes. I just tell them its "Feng shui" and they usually go for it.

1,000 sheets of photo paper are nice and cozy next to our TV stand in the living room. It also doubles as a place that bub likes to drape his jackets into.

The bottom of our closet houses 2 giant bags full of sewn up plushes. Oh and the other 75 plushes? They're in our coat closet downstairs. Guests have to wear all article of clothing when coming over to our apartment, unless they would like me to put their jacket on top of my photo paper next to bub's coat.

A shoe rack from IKEA is being used for more ink, paper, and more shipping supplies. Oh and our shoes? Those are lined up nicely in our dining room.

My printer is placed on top of a filing cabinet.

Our wooden shelves are buckling under all the weight of my ink cartridges.

The ottoman in our living room is where I sit hunched over as I create all your packaging for the print you just ordered from me.


I get such anxiety when blogs ask me to show them a picture of my studio space. I'm all like "yeah weird thing um my camera just, i dont know, stopped taking pictures. It JUST happened like, today, I think it has to do with the autumnal equinox or something?" I then pray that they forget about it and move on. I also throw in some camera words to throw them off like "aperture" or "white balance".

So in order to stay sane (and positive) I've been collecting things that are currently in storage that will only make its grand appearance when I finally own a studio. A really kick ass studio with white walls and light gray furniture with bright yellow & mint accents everywhere.

It'll happen one day. One day I'll be able to give you a tour of my studio. One day I'll have a closet full of drawers that are JUST for art supplies. One day I'll be able to design, print & package all my art in one space. One day my guests won't have to sit on top of a 5' box of envelopes while eating dinner. One day our shoes will actually go in the shoe rack & we can use our closets for clothes again.

One day we'll own a home that I get to fill with an insane amount of memories.

One day my shelves will be painted with cute designs and not be buckling under the weight of ink cartridges

one day I can finally arrange all the prints I've been collecting instead of having them tucked away in a folder

One day I'll be able to tape shipping labels using this bad boy. Cause really, that shiz is baller.

One day I'll be able to make a cork board and have it be filled with more goals, and business cards from friends, and little knick knacks that never seem to have a home

One day I can add a pop of color into my office by making these awesome paper pom pom things. But I'll probably get super frustrated while making them and scrap the whole thing all together, but thats not the point.

what do you hope to achieve one day?


  1. lol i'm so glad it's not just me that lives/works this way!! i have this cool little dance/spin/hop/try not to kill myself as i jump over fabric piles thing going on;)

  2. I pray that I am able to get through this year of college and have as great of a year as I did last year. I also want to do something with writing and marketing for my job.

  3. Haha! I totally know what you mean! We have to make due with what we've got, right? Someday we will have our dream studios. ;)

  4. oh good! So I'm not the only one who has craft supplies spread out all over the house with out a dedicated "work space" / "craft room"? :) I can't wait till one day to have a craft room! I am so making those pom poms to hang from the ceiling! :)
    PS I would love to come over to your place for dinner and sit indian style in the air. Sounds like fun!! xo

  5. Ugh my "studio" is a mess. It's really the "spare room" where my bf ditches his dusty work clothes, we store all our stuff (we have two small closets!) and we pile boxes we haven't unpacked from our move (in March). I am glad I am not the only one! I WAS putting the room together but then I got a full-time my crafts are back on the coffee tables, dining table, the floor..the whole apartment is a mess now.
    At least though in all that mess we know where things are! I spent an hour looking for an envelope a few weeks ago before I "organized" everything.

  6. I finally have a studio, in one room, with a door, and separate desks for making and shipping. But I'm a slob, and the room has never been "nice." One day ... I will get it clean. I got some prints on the wall recently, which made me ridic happy. That's something, right? The creative mind is a messy one. That's what I keep telling myself, anyway.

  7. My "studio" resides smack in the middle of my kitchen. All of my paint and supplies cover my priceless antique dining room table (sorry grandma!!) and i paint ever sign right there. It is a hot mess most of the time. in my carport, i have a million random piles of wood here and there and everywhere, collecting dust and cobwebs until i yank it out of the pile to make it into something pretty. i also have an entire closet in my living room full of scrapbooking supplies that i inherited from my mother that i will never use but i feel i must keep. i would probably have a lot more room if i could get over the sadness and get rid of it! you are not alone - one day we will all have beautiful, light filled studios all perfectly partitioned for creating, packing, and shipping. let's just sigh and think about them all together! :)

  8. love this! i think the same thing about amazing designers.
    random question: your link to your photoshop for bloggers isn't working. is it still available? thanks!


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