Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Adding 2 new shops? Yeah, I'm crazy.


This year has been a HUGE whirlwind for me, and its not even done yet!

It's sort of a bitter sweet feeling though. I am so happy that I have been so busy getting my shop out there by prepping for Renegade Craft Fair and currently now my Fab.com deal. But one thing has been weighing heavy with me lately.

Even though I am exposing Yellow Heart Art to people at craft shows and running deals like working with Fab.com, I sorta find myself in a mini designers rut.

You see, Yellow Heart Art is not my only source of income. I currently work full time as a graphic designer as well as doing freelance design work whenever possible. This year I have spent countless days at home sewing over 200 plushes, printing over 500 prints, taking my jewelry pliers to over 300 necklaces and gathering up fun "props" to be used at craft shows and pop up shops. I have had to create a crazy amount of inventory in a short amount of time to able to sell my stuff for these events.


I find myself pushing away freelance jobs and not being able to add more inventory to Yellow Heart Art because I honestly do not have any time to be creative, which really breaks my heart.

I know this is only temporary since after my Fab deal (running for 1 week starting August 15th!) I'll be able to slowly dedicate more time to my shop and freelance jobs and less time making an insane amount of inventory in a super short amount of time.

You probably remember me mentioning a while back about me opening up 2 new shops: Yellow Heart Bridal and Yellow Heart Art Design.

I wanted to have Yellow Heart Bridal make its BIG grand opening in the Fall of 2012, but that is so not going to happen anymore. Between everything else going on I unfortunately had to put designs for that on the back burner. Don't worry, I am going to launch it HOPEFULLY by the end of this year! Some things I am working on for it are:
• Wedding and Bridal Shower Invitations with that quirky Yellow Heart Art vibe
• Bridal shower game cards/game mats
• Cupcake toppers
• Fun Wedding signage
• and a TON more!

Basically the concept behind Yellow Heart Bridal is so brides can have that polished uniformed looking wedding with out having to spend a ton of money. There will be printables available as well as actual products that you can get delivered to your house. This shop will be able to please all brides whether their budget is big or small :)

I am also opening up Yellow Heart Art Design. I know how important branding is for a handmade business and blog, and I have had some people not be able to work with me in designing a brand for them because at that moment in time they could not commit to spending that much money on it. I understand, life gets in the way. You need to put your money towards groceries, mortgage payments and those cute pair of jeans that FINALLY went on sale at anthropologie ;)

So for those of you who want to work with me but don't have the extra spending funds at the moment to have me make a custom design for you I am going to have "pre made templates" of items you can purchase at a more affordable design price. You'll be able to get logos, business cards & shop/facebook banners that will have your shop or blog name! Unfortunately at this time there will be no blog templates. I might make blog headers an option, but I still would not have time to create backgrounds and other fun elements to put on your blog.

It's a win win for both of us! You still get to have me design your branding, it'll be more affordable for you guys AND I'll be able to put more of myself into my original shop, Yellow Heart, Art since I will have less custom freelance orders!

I did reserve the etsy names "Yellow Heart Bridal" and "Yellow Heart Art Design" in case I wanted to keep all my shops separate.

And plus also? I am hoping by the Fall of 2012 to release 2 NEW products to Yellow Heart Art! One will be functional home decor, the other will be fashionable ;) I can not WAIT to have you all see what I have planned!

What do you think? Am I totally crazy for doing this? Cause I'm gonna go with a big fat "yeah gurl you cray"


Also in case you missed it:

• we had to pick a NEW winner for our awesome note card giveaway! If you are Jackie from The Sweetest Petunia then please contact me with in 3 days to get your prize! 

• been adding new necklaces to my over stock sale! Help me get rid of my inventory so I can make way for NEW swag in Fall 2012! Necklaces at 60% off (stocking stuffers anybody?) (hey, its NEVER too early)

• been feeling a little crafty? why not try to make yourself this geometric arrow head necklace! super easy, super cheap and super cute.


  1. How exciting! I hope you take little breaks though Leonora, you don't need to overwork your self so much!! xoxo

  2. You are crazy and awesome. I cannot wait to see your bridal stuff. I am sure it will rock :).


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