Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Faves!

It's officially summer you guys! Now, I don't get this weather, but yesterday in NY I was in boots, skinny jeans and a jacket--today I am dying in a little sundress.

I put together some summer faves of mine. If I win lotto this is where my first few hundred bucks is going. The rest of my millions is going to be turned into singles, then placed into a giant pool so I can roll 'round in it for a while. Sure, its probably super filthy, but hey I'm a millionaire who needs hygiene now anyway?

I guess I was inspired by my new branding colors to pick out some faves that were soft pinks, pretty salmons and a hint of mustard yellow.

1. Summer Navajo Zip Pouch by The Wonder Forest
I'm sure most of you know Dana from the Wonder Forest, but maybe you don't, in which case I feel bad for you. Dana is a graphic designer too (representin'! fist pound to the chest) and homegurl's got talent. If you wanna stare at your screen for a few hours till you go cross-eyed then check out her shop. You are welcome.

2. Sweet Pea Coral Pink Bracelet by Junghwa
Being a graphic designer I have learned to hate bracelets. I know you probably think thats weird but you try to use a mouse all day while a piece of metal is digging into your wrist-not fun. It's bad enough my future is doomed to carpal tunnel we don't need to add "getting a metal bracelet stabbed into your wrist" to the mix. This bracelet is so simple, dainty and light weight that I can totally design stuff while wearing it. Need. Now.

3. Fedora by Anthropologie
Ok, confession alert, wanna know how many hats I own? Over 50. I know, it's a sickness. And I only have one head so that makes it even worse. But guys LOOK AT IT ITS SO CUTE I NEED IT NOW.

4. Light Hearted Sundress by ModCloth
Ok, this dress? I can just see myself in some high fashion top knot sitting on some blanket in a park somewhere while my dog chases his tail in a field full of sunflowers. What? My fictitious dog is a moron what do you want from me?

5. Coral White Dot Zipper Pouch by Made by Hank
you guys, I GET TO MEET KATIE IN THE FLESH IN 2 DAYS. Pretty much anything and everything I make at Renegade is going straight towards Katie's inventory.

6. Notting Hill Bow Flats by Shop Ruche
Ok, COME ON do these shoes need an explanation?? Can't you see me wearing them while walking said fictitious dog in scenario #4 above? Ok, you can? See, this is why we're friends, because you guys totally get my visions.

What are some of your summer faves?

(and PS-I get asked this a lot, but I make these collages in adobe illustrator. This one looks kinda pathetic b/c I'm too busy designing logos for everyone and their 3rd cousin twice removed on their mother's grandfather's side at the current moment, so excuse the quick botch job.)

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