Thursday, June 14, 2012

Inspiration Workshop: Date Night

Lovin' this week's inspiration workshop prompt by Gussy! Home gurl has picked "date night" to be the topic of convo.

I take date night super seriously. There are too many times where the Bubs and I sit on our couch, get suckered into some god awful reality show marathon while I play on my iPad and he's all up in his Motorola Tablet (that was hard to admit just now. Yes, I'm a Mac, the Bubs is a PC, its been difficult in our relationship but we're working through it) (his PC tablet might conveniently go "live on a farm" for a while soon) 

One of my fah-vorite places to go to for date night is out in Hamptons. For all you newbies on the blog I frekkin love the Hamptons. It's quaint, full of art, full of color and full of awesome.

The bubs and I took a trip to Funchos which is this kick ass mexican joint in West Hampton.

The decor is simple but so inspiring to me. I love the driftwood distressed walls with the bold bright typography--swoon.

 Leo <3 Food. If I could I would get down on one knee and propose to this tortilla chip that I named Alfred. (don't tell bubs)

my date. hiya bubs.

obligatory "raise the roof" photo, you guys the 90s are coming back and I'm trying to help them out. Next week I'll show you all my sprinkler move.

Next to funchos is this adorable cupcake place that unfortunately was not open at this time, so I figured the next best thing was to take a pic of our reflection in the sad empty cupcake place. Actually, this was a terrible idea, just forget this ever happened.

so a close 2nd to cupcakes is of course handmade ice cream. Bubs and I always go to this ice cream joint every time we are out in the hamptons. The ice cream is to die for and I just love the old school vintage feel of this legit ice cream shoppe. How awesome is that letter press sign above? I almost stole it but it was the size of me and I figured they would frown upon that...

Now let me explain something about Long Island. We don't have a lot of antique shops. Which bums me out b/c I absolutely love spending a lot of money on old busted up broken dusty stuff. So bubs was on a mission to find me an antique shop. We turned to our good friend google and google brought us to this gem.

it's ok. I was speechless too. 

Apparently this "antique shop" had antiques all right. The place was FILLED with these old statues and movie set props. I'm convinced all these things come to life when the sun goes down. Home gurl was NOT going to find out if this hypothesis was true, so we high tailed it out of there.

Stupid Long Island antique shops.

what did you all do on date night??

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  1. Raise the roof. No shame! I'm all about the 90s!

  2. love the new site design... did you do that when you were supposed to be doing renegade stuffs? no worries, i don't judge. :)

  3. These photos are so funny. You make me lol. In the real way, not the metaphoric way. !!! :)

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