Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Faves the Renegade Edition!

Hey Guys! As you all know this blog has been pretty sparse in blog posts due to me gettin' ready for Renegade Craft Fair! 

There will be about 300 vendors, if you're going to be in brooklyn June 23/24 come on over the Booth #59 and give me a "waddup" and a "holla". In case you are unsure who I am just look for the overly pasty girl with the horrible Long Island accent. See Also: Real Housewives of New Jersey or the Jersey Shore for said accent.

It's something of proud of guys, it just happened, ok?

ok, focus Leonora.

I wanted to do a friday faves dedicated to some of my favorite vendors going to this years Renegade! I am SO STOKED to finally get to meet the lovely ladies behind some of these shops. I am going to attempt to leave my military boyfriend in charge of my hippy booth for a hot sec while I frolic and spend money I don't have on things I clearly need from other vendors.


the greatest purses ever made by Made by Hank

um, yeah, these are HANDMADE PURSES. I know, I'm in shock too. Katie Henry makes modern looking purses that are not all foo-foo-girly-girly. The quality is un-freakin-believable. No joke you would think there were commercially made bags. Katie stole my heart way before I even had a shop on etsy myself. I adore her shop and love how it is super raw and original. You go girl.

Geometric Wonderness from Son of a Sailor

I think I love son of a sailor so much because just like made by hank their stuff is all simple, modern, and WITH IT. You don't see too many handmade products like this circulating out there. Made props guys.

Cutesy and Modern goodies from Homako

 so, check it, her stuff was actually sold in anthropologie! She also makes ORIGAMI NECKLACS out of FABRIC. Mind officially blown and exploded to bits.

link up with THIS GIRL

So I get all weird out when I tell people I'm going to be in a craft fair. I feel like craft fairs have gotten a bad rap. People don't associate them with frekkin awesome shizznat like all that stuff above. I pinky promise its cool to be in a fair--promise I'm still cool guys.

anyway, off to sew plush #490,564,056,, I lost count.


  1. you know how i feel about made by hank. love her.

  2. I LOVE Homako's jewelry! Been coveting for awhile, but I had no idea it was in Anthro! Nice! I would be at Renegade SO DARN FAST if I could swing a plane ticket, for the event as much as to meet the lovely L! Happy Friday, chica. :)

  3. made my hank is one of my faves! so cool that she and her creations will be at renegade with you. i am totally jealous!

  4. Oh CRAP. The two days you are in Brooklyn, I'm going to be in New Hampshire for one, and then gay pride is the other day!! Hmmm, maybe I will try to swing by after that! I'll have to check the hours....

  5. If only I were in Brooklyn! Good luck at the fair! All the items look beautiful!

  6. Stunning choices, I am crazy for the geometric necklace!


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