Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Works in Progress! The wedding edition

I'm sure you have all heard me talk about Lauren here on the 'ol blog before. She's my "share the beauty" partner in crime! (Yes yes I know I have been a major slacker in my "share the beauty" posts. Truth is home gurl doesn't even have any time in her schedule to pee) (side note: Do you know how much time we spend wasting just using the bathroom?) (Like, can we find a way to eliminate that?) (road trips would be way more fun with no pit stops at sketch trucker stations)

But when she approached me about fancy-ing up her wedding blog I was all like "hell to the yeah"

She wanted something modern, clean and elegant. Her colors are black, white and gold (can we get any more classy?) (my wedding is going to be so obnoxious) (sorry mom)


thats whats up.

I am so happy for you Lauren! 

If you wanna stalk keep up with Lauren's wedding you can check out the wedding blog here.


  1. So beautiful!! You always create the most lovely art work Leonora!!

  2. I'm obsessed with Lauren's website. You did an AMAZING job with that site, lady!

  3. love the design :) and you're right - so classy :)

  4. wow. that looks so much better than my one size fits all wedding website. can i get married again?

  5. i love what you did! it is beautiful;)

  6. eeeek! love this. you are awesome miss m'am.


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