Friday, May 25, 2012

Facts and Lies

Ok, so, let's be real for a sec. Homegurl has not blogged in forever.

oops, bad leonora

something had to hit the back burner while prepping for renegade craft fair. I officially only have 1 more month left before the big day and I am fah-reaking out.

My goal was to have 90% of everything done 2 weeks before the show. (ha, what am I on you ask and where can you get some?) (I hear you laughing at me) (oh how cute she thinks she can get everything done for a 2 day long craft show like its nothing)

So I decided to write a quick fun blog post to let you guys know that I'm ok, cause I know you all care. You probably went to bed every night tossing and turning while saying to yourself "When will she start blogging again?! OH CRUEL WORLD WHYYYY"

well, now you can get a peaceful night sleep cause baby is back! (or is it "baby got back"?)

Below is a random lists of truths and facts about moi. I'll post next week which were true and which were false. But hey, let's have a little fun with this. If anyone can guess correctly EVERY SINGLE LIE then I'll send them a lil something something from Yellow Heart Art.


(crap, I always forget what's after "set", let's just say "tomato")

Read, set, TOMATO!

(hehe, you guys missed me right?)

(I really don't know why I am posting an old pic of Bub and I, just go with it)

1. I once hid in a closet for a few hours on the set of Saturday Night Live to meet *N SYNC and Joshua Jackson. (can we please just take a moment to remember the yumminess that was Pacey Witter circa 2002?)

2. My 2 front teeth are fake

3. On our first date Bub took me on a tour of a light house in Montauck, Long Island

4. I have never been outside of the United States

5. in high school I ran past the barricades and security at a 98* concert in hopes of giving one of the members a birthday card.

6. I've been on TV

7. I'm naturally a blonde but dye my hair brown

8. I used to work at Abercombie and Fitch but got "fired" for not wearing the clothing

9. My pinky toe on one of my feet doesn't go down, so I leave "4 toe prints" in the sand and on cement after coming out of a pool

10. I am deathly afraid of dogs

11. I can make one eye move with out moving the other

12. I was on extra on the set of "sopranos"

13. I have a tattoo

14. I have a license to operate a hot air balloon

15. I'm the youngest of 4 kids

16. I got the nickname "toots" from my boyfriend because I am obsessed with tootsie rolls

17. I once caught a 5lb fish

18. I auditioned for American Idol but didn't make it to hollywood

19. I once posed nude all in the name of art

20. I stalked Brad Pitt on the set of one of his movies-we made eye contact-it was magical


  1. oh ok... let's see which ones are lies...
    7. lies!
    8. lie-- I don't think you got fired from A&F-- you just moved on to bigger & better things
    13. you are NOT afraid of dogs! lies
    14. hot air balloon? i think this is a lie since you're afraid of flying...
    18. I don't think you auditioned for American Idol...
    20. I don't believe you made eye contact with Brad Pitt!

    crossing my fingers!

  2. we would have been bffs in middle school, I LOVED NSYNC! Unless that one was a lie...

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  4. Hi Leonora, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  5. New Follower and I love your designs! Tagged some of your prints in a blog post today! :)


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