Friday, May 4, 2012

Some Wedding News ;)

Yes, that's right, I have a WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE!

and no, bub didn't putta ring on it

fooled ya didnt it?

BUT I have decided to slowly take Yellow Heart Art to the next level.

which is the world of Weddings!

I have wanted to do this since day one, but really had no clue how to start.

I have designed wedding invitations, saved the dates and fun "wedding signage" for brides before so this isn't entirely foreign to me.

Not gonna lie, I am a bit petrified. I am responsible for someone's day that they have dreamed of since they were a little girl. Someone who made Barbie marry Ken, then divorce Ken, and re-marry Ken again. Someone who I'm sure placed paper towels around their head to make it look like a veil and play "wedding bride". Someone who over the years has collected magazine photos of how their dream day should look.

No pressure.

But I am so excited for this venture. It's gonna rock--I'm gonna rock it so hard like its 1999 (not really sure why Prince thinks that year is so rad, but he digs it and I feel as though I should too)

Unfortunately I must wait to launch the bridal collection till after my cameo at Renegade Craft fair (oh, PS if you're going to be in brooklyn June 23/24 and wanna stop be please do! I would love to meet you)

Here is a little peek at a save the date I did a while back

oh do you love my giant watermark going across the image? Yeah, thanks to Pinterest I have to watermark the heck out of everything I make now.


but anyway, maybe you're also here to see if you won a rad-tastic giveaway that I had for my bday last week!!

congrats to BETH from bbgoad! If thats you email me home gurl ;)

I am really unsure how to get the fancy smancy widget that announces that she is the winner, so if someone can tell me how to do that that would be awesome since I kinda had to take a ghetto screen shot.


Also, side note:

on yesterday's post I had briefly mentioned about my friend George who lost his life to a car accident 7 years ago to the day (5.3.05) someone had left me a comment on that blog post mentioning that they were sorry for my loss, but in the same breath wanted me to "look at their blog and give them advice on how to improve it"

Since you are a "no reply comment" blogger I couldn't write back to you. So here is my advice to you on how to make your blog better: Do not leave comments on people's blog posts who share something so personal and THEN ask about how to improve YOUR blog. It is beyond tacky and I was taken a back by your request. I have no problem helping you, but you could have asked or commented on a different blog post.

end scene.


  1. So tacky, i hate that. I love the wedding stuff and cannot wait to see more.

  2. UGH i am having that problem with pinterest right now! If you search Texas on there, my handpainted sign shows up about a bazillion times but I listed it on etsy before pinterest so none of them are watermarked, copyrighted.. NOTHING. and not one of them links to me or my shop. I'm so sad and irritated about it!!!

    Anyways - I can't wait to see what you got going on for wedding stuff! I love your work - its gorgeous and fun! :) xoxo

  3. a couple of things:
    1) YES to your wedding line - woohoo!
    2) so sorry about your friend you lost years ago - so tough no matter how long it's been
    3) grrr, that comment is super lame-O.

    but i love you and we can skype super soon! muwaaah!

  4. I LOVE this save the date! It's so fun and not like any save the dates I've seen before. Good luck with the wedding industry!

  5. Good luck on your new adventure! I know it will be a lot more rockin then 1999!! And boo on stupid comments. people are so dumb.

  6. I want to get re-married so you can do my invites and save the dates! Darn it! Why couldn't you come into my life sooner?!

    I'm also sorry about the ill placed comment, I am sure her heart was in the right place! But I lost a friend coming up as well--a youtube video is a very brave thing to do. you're a super brave lady.

  7. I had to ask someone on my blog to stop posting links to her own blog in my comments section; she'd write three words about my post and then a paragraph about her own. And YOU, miss L, are SNEAKY -- I was all ready to congratulate you on an engagement. ;)

  8. I love this save the date! It's so fun and not like any save the dates I've seen before. Good luck with the wedding industry!

  9. Good post about wedding ideas and more information about wedding dress.

  10. Saw the title to this post and made me *GASP* for a minute! Nonetheless, congrats on taking the big plunge and the first step is the hardest. Get your feet wet girl, and you're gonna be a big success!!!


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