Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Works in Progress! Sneak Peeks and Preparing for Renegade Craft Fair!

I apologize in advance for my blogging the next month or so. It's going to be filled with a ton of pictures and quick little notes from yours truly. Preparing for renegade craft fair is really eating up a lot of my time.

I wanted to show you guys some sneak peeks of how I am getting ready for my first ever ha-uge craft show! (There are 300 vendors going, pressure much?)

I of course recruited the Bubs to help me with cheap product displays. I am trying so hard to keep costs down (I am not going to even tell you what the booth fee is) so having a crafty little fella in my life is truly a blessing (even if he does take apart any and all electronic devices in our apartment to see how they work)

I told him I wanted cubbies for my plushes. He came up with this idea to have the cubbies at different depths to give it a "quirky" vibe (does he know me or does he know me?)

It's a work in progress but I am so stoked with how amazing it is coming out. The underdog might have a chance here at a ballin' booth.

Also in other news WHAT THE FUDGE is that thing lurking in the background in photo 1?! It looks like death. No, seriously, it looks like the grim reaper is out to get me in my sleep. I didn't take these photos, bubs had texted them to me from the garage so I'm just hoping it's his jacket, at least that is what I keep telling myself.


I also wanted to try and find a way to spruce up my necklaces. This was also super low cost. I bought myself some cello sleeves in bulk, designed the top flap, designed the background, and just printed it all out on my printer. The end result:

and my nails match too! I'm so beast like that.

I also thought it would be fun to introduce completely new designs at the show! So if you're in brooklyn on June 23/24 stop by and check out some completely new inventory. Once my show is over these lovelies will be in stock ;)

One of the prints that are making a cameo at Renegade is my "You make me melt into a big heaping pile of goop" print. Oh hey, the wording sounds familiar? Thats because I actually retired this print from my shop a while back because I wasn't too thrilled with the design but I LOVED the wording. I love its revamp and can not wait for it to make a debut in Yellow Heart Art come June! (But, if you wanna order one before just send me an email, i'll hook a sistah up)
Sorry bout all the watermarking, pinterest is the devil and so much of my stuff is going unsourced and duplicated that its making home gurl wanna go all chuck norris and round house kick somebody hard. real hard.

and the end.


  1. How brilliant!! I love your packaging for your necklaces + your new print!!

  2. I love the cubby thing. I wish my husband knew how to build things. I would be happy if he could change a light bulb! Oh well, we all have our talents. Also, love the necklace packaging. Tres clever :).

  3. Is it weird that this post makes me miss you? It's just that we really are like handmade sistas on different coast. My bub made me a wooden card display last year too! Your bub did a great job! I can totally see your adorable plushies sitting in those little cubbies. I wish I could come see your show! Love this post, keep us updated on your progress. Very inspirational! xo JA

  4. Ok, I admit I'm prejudiced, but I think Bub is awesome! Not just 'cause he can build a cubby. But 'cause he SO gets you. He is a true romantic. Ok, ok, building a cubby is not exactly romantic, and that's not what I mean. What I mean is, for me, one of the definitions of romantic is that your partner pays attention...knows you...knows what you will love...and then does things that show you that he knows you, and cares. Lord knows where he got this wasn't by example. LOL. Of course, I DO know where he got the ability to build the cubby in the first place...and I could also tell you about living the majority of my adult life in the company of males who take things (electronic and otherwise) apart. ; ) So proud of you both for your creativity and general awesomeness!

  5. Sooooo...yeah. My husband is a civil engineer who can't build anything with his hands. I'm really glad someone around here has a man who can provide more than moral support when it comes to a construction project! Ha! If I win the lotto I'll be buying a plane ticket to shop Renegade. It is the pinnacle of all craft shows, a sincere congratulations on being selected. It's a huge deal! I'm excited to see all the prep work and behind the scenes as you get ready for it.

  6. Ooh, love the cubbies & the packaging! Super fun! My hubby isn't much for making things, but he's a computer genius, so it works out. ;)

  7. That's so weird and creepy! Cute new products lady! Love them

  8. I'm here by way of Brandi Girl blog and am so glad she recommended you! Such a talented designer and artist. Looking forward to reading more. :)

  9. do you mind me asking what editing software you use? thanks

  10. love the cubies and your packaging girl! can't wait to see pics of your booth!

  11. Love your packaging! Best of luck to you with the craft fair.


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