Friday, September 21, 2012

Interior Design Inspiration

At times its kinda sorta frustrating living in an apartment from a designer's standpoint. To me, its our home, but its not our permanent home. I hold off on buying really fun wall art or furniture pieces since I don't know what type of space our future house will have.

Do you know how hard this is being an artist?! I want to go the nearest ikea, grab a cart, get a running start,  leap onto the back and put out my right arm across the closest shelf and have all the items cascade into the cart like as if I'm on supermarket sweep. (Minus those terrible sweaters)

So for now we have a generic sofa with generic curtains and a 42" flat screen TV (Cause, really, why watch TV if you don't actually feel like your inside of the TV?) (I want to be able to touch Brad Pitt's abs with ease here people) (by the way you can thank Bubs for the gigando TV, I would've been ok watching Netflix off of my MacBook)

I've been collecting little bits of inspiration here and there for when we finally get a home! A place where I can make a more permanent investment design wise. Of course the TV comes with us, in my spare time I like to watch re-runs of Dawson's Creek and instagram photos of myself with a life size Pacey in the background.

Whatever, you do it too.

I need these floating book shelves. Why? So that whenever guests come over I can be all like "OH SHIZ ITS HAPPENING AGAIN! THAT EVIL GHOST THAT ONLY I CAN SEE IS HOLDING UP OUR BOOKS. QUICK HE'LL ONLY STOP IF YOU LEAVE" …aaaand thats how you get rid of uninvited guests folks

you are welcome.

You know what I hate more than anything in life? Wallpaper. I hate it I hate it I HATE IT. I know, this is a shocker right? What ruined my love for wallpaper was when my family moved into our 2nd home then ENTIRE FREKKIN HOUSE was covered in this gnarly 1970s floral wallpaper. And since the wallpaper had been up for YEARS it was a beast and a half to take down. Plus I feel like wallpaper quickly outdates a room, I mean unless you pick a neutral pattern. Which is why I love the idea of the bathroom having some stripes to it. Plus It'll give me something to count while I'm going to the bathroom.

I have been collecting so much artwork for our future home. I love the idea of having all our photos covering one entire wall. Although I can also see this plan quickly backfiring the first time bubs decides to chase me around the house and I go toppling into the wall and taking out every frame we own.

he really likes to chase me.
I want a clean looking kitchen. The crisp white with that pop of yellow? Swoon to the max. Besides it also makes me feel like I'm living in an egg or something, which I mean thats cool right?

Since we probably wont have the moola to do a total kitchen revamp I'm thinking for the time being if the cabinets aren't white already that we just paint those bad boys right up and add some modern looking hardware to them.


Bub? You out there? I'm talkin' to you.


  1. Love the bathroom stripes! I would totally be counting them, too. I already told Jeff I was painting our bathroom while he's gone, so I might have to steal this idea. And you'll get your house one day, don't worry. They're too expensive right now anyway. ;-)

  2. I feel ya. So for right now I'm pinning my life away. Follow my "home board" on pinterest and we can be somewhat home twins! You'd probably be better at making them a reality anyway. I can just stalk your future home and be like, "Leonora totally took that from my board!" Haha

  3. Tha last shot of the yellow kitchen is gorgeous! I want my tiny little kitchen to look like that.

  4. I love love love the art wall. I actually just made one in my new office of my new house and I adore it. It's so inspirational and totally helps pick up my spirits when I'm having a bad day :] But today is a good day - know why? I'm featuring your lovely lil' shop and the flower bib necklace I won :] (I'm in love, btw!) Hope you'll stop by:

    ♥ Em


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