Thursday, September 13, 2012


Yes, I'm crazy.

Yes, I have completely and totally lost my mind.

Yes, I FINALLY launched the sister shop to Yellow Heart Art!

Readers, meet Yellow Heart Art Design, Yellow Heart Art Design, meet Readers.

Now that you 2 are officially besties take a moment to get to know one another.

You have heard me talking for fah-evah about opening up 2 new shops. One of them being Yellow Heart Art Design, the other being Yellow Heart Bridal.

This has been in the works for soooo long. So many things have caused me to open up this shop way later than I wanted to, but she is here now and she is fierce and fabulous.

I like how I refer to my shop as an actual chick.

I get emails in my inbox at least once a day for potential design work. When some clients see how much it is to have a total custom revamp of their blog or shop they get hesitant to pull the trigger.

Trust me, I totally get it and respect it.

So you all have inspired me to create a shop that has pre-made designs of professional looking logos, business cards and shop headers that you guys get to personalize by plugging in your shop or blog names and other information.

Its a win win, you'll be saving money if you can't afford a complete custom design at the moment but yet you'll still get a great clean looking product.

This also frees me up to concentrate on other things, like finally launching new products to my original shop Yellow Heart Art AND being able to launch Yellow Heart Bridal.

Here are some peeks of some designs in the new shop!

and yes, I am fully aware that my statement says "protectected under copyright"

I decided that "protectected"means SUPER protected, like, you're really emphasizing that bad things will happen to you if you copy my shiz.

Ok, its just a typo im too lazy to fix.

It happens.


  1. LOVE everything!!!! especially the adorable flower illustration logo! girlfriend, you are so on fi-ya!!!! [ahem, fire]

  2. this is so amazing. so excited for you! congrats on this new chapter!!!

  3. super stoked for you, girl! you amaze me!

  4. This is awesome ! I am really excited for you and all the big things that will come your way with the new shop :).

  5. You are simply awesome and amazing, my girl.

  6. I love it, I love them all! You are one talented chica!

  7. Brilliant idea. Best of luck with the shop <3


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