Thursday, February 23, 2012

iPhone/Smart Phone Photography Taken to the Next Level

As some of you may or may not know I actually love photography. Sometimes its just hard to find the time to dust off my 'ol Canon Rebel DSLR and get out there and take some way cool artistic photos. It's also kinda bulky to travel with so on the rare occasion that I do travel I don't even bring it with me.

This really bums me out because there are times when I see a suh-weet photo opp but have no way of capturing it.

Simple solution? Use your iPhone.

say whaaaat.

Now do not get me wrong, I am not saying that your iPhone or Smart Phone should replace your DSLR -or- that anyone with an "iPhone" is declared Ansel Adams. BUT you DO always have your phone on you and it does have a pretty decent lens on it.
Photojojo has some neat little gadgets to take your iPhone/Smart Phone camera to the next level. These attachments are small enough to stick in your purse and the best part? Everyone on instagram will be all like "duuuuude how did you TAKE that?!"

you are welcome in advance for impressing your instagram homies.

Fisheye, Macro, Wide Angle and Telephoto Phone Lenses

These lenses are versatile with MOST smart phones, not just your iPhone! These puppies use magnetism to stay put over your Phone's camera lens.

Use fish eye to get all your posse in a group shot!

 use telephoto to get a close up of your fav celeb that you're stalking in the bushes

 These are totally on my wish list.

Jelly Phone Camera Filters

These can be used with most Smart Phones. The jelly like substance on the back allows it to suction to the back of your phone! These lenses are cheaper than the 1st set of lenses mentioned above that use magnetism to stick to the back of your phone. 

This set allows your photos to have a Starburst, Kaleidoscope or wide angle look.
Use the starburst affect to make your friends look like super heroes! (or maybe they really are super heroes but choose to have their identities rename anonymous to protect themselves and others)

Holga iPhone Lens

Unfortunately this bad boy is only for iPhones. This is perfect for those of us that miss using film cameras! Turn your iPhone into a holga camera by applying this spiffy case to the back of your phone! Gives you dreamy photos with light leaks and a lo-fi look!

You can even get an awesome "kaleidoscope" look!

What are some techniques you use to spruce up your Smart Phone photos?

oh and bee tee dubs Photojojo did not pay me for this post, I honestly just have a mega camera crush on them and wanted to share their amazingness with you all. All photos in this post are from


  1. Wowza! Those look like so much fun! Thanks for letting us not-so-tech-savvy people know about them! :)


  2. Ooooooh, these look amazing.

    Also? It took me about two whole minutes to figure out what the heck bee tee dubs meant. I'm such a dork. A tired one. ;)

  3. ah i love this stuff. thanks for posting :)

    guess i'll have to justify that iPhone now.


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