Thursday, February 16, 2012

I gave in to colored denim

Hello Loves! I know I have been MIA on my blog, but it's because I have been brewing up new designs for the shop and collaborating on some projects with 2 lovely ladies. More deets on that in the future ;) I know, I'm so cryptic sometimes.

But if you all follow me on the twitter (do you think we should start calling twitter "The" Twitter? Like, ya know, kick it old school like how facebook used to be "The" facebook? No? Ok, good idea, I didn't like it either) but anyway I asked a question yesterday in regards to colored denim.

I want to so badly hop on this band wagon and be all like "hey guys! Look at my ass! ITS GREEN!" 

 But it scares me.

It scares me a lot.

I'm pretty sure I'll give into this trend, I gave into capris (something bout awkwardly cropped pants freaked me out too, I really hate it when my ankles are cold.) I gave into leggings and I gave into jeggings (oooo jeggings how I am so glad you came into my life--it's like wearing the "black tie" version of sweat pants. Can someone point me in the direction of the lovely person who invented jeggings? Pretty sure we need to make out)

I was shocked with how many of you were on "TEAM COLORED PANTS!". You all were so encouraging and really wanted me to ride the colored pant train.

You guys, here is my huge announcement. Can I ask that all cell phones and electronic devices be turned off at this time while I tell you all something super exciting?


I gave in. Yes, I Leonora Jennifer Last name with held due to the fact that you can google me has decided to give this a go. After looking at a plethora of colors I decided to go with green pants. I have a lot of neutrals and navy blue so I thought it was a best bet.

Check out how I would work my awesome green pants:

1. Khaki Crop Jacket from ModCloth
2. Green Denim Pants from Target
3. Coral Flats from Delias
4. Colored Block Totes from Old Navy
5. Navy and White Tank from Abercrombie and Fitch

So, what color denim do you swear by and how do you style it? I need ideas!



  1. i now have the confidence to Target & buy me a pair of colored jeans. BECAUSE YOU ARE THAT INSPIRING.
    you will ROCK those jeans, girl <3

  2. Damn. I was holding out, too. But now the peer pressure might just be Too MUCH!

    I have to say that is an uber cute outfit you have lined up. Those flats with green jeans (say that five times, isn't it fun??) will look faboo. So hm....what color will I go for. Maybe a purple...

  3. I LOVE IT!! And now I want it too!! I'm in CA so if wenwear it on the same day no big right? Lol
    Also I totally want to officially google you!!

  4. Well, you may not feel 100% comfortable bustin' out your green bum...BUT you know how to pair an outfit with the colored pants! I dig bright pants because it doesn't put so much pressure on the top half. I always fall back on solid neutral tops to match with bright bottoms. POST OF PIC OF YOU IN GREEN PANTS! I dare you. :)

  5. we have like the same posts today hahah!!! check out my cobalt blue colored denim! i also have grey and am totally wanting more colors... like red, green, light pink, raspberry..!!

  6. green pants! we can be twinsies at CE!

    stripes for sure w/ green denim. a floral top, denim top-- your options are ENDLESS.

    i want to buy some from target.

  7. Okay...I'm gonna go for it. I've felt the same way, but secretly want a pair :)
    Thanks for the encouragement!!!

    xo. Jill

  8. absolutely love this combo!! the colours are gorgeous


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