Wednesday, January 8, 2014


...soooo a few weeks ago I asked a few of mine and Julie's friends to participate in a virtual bridal shower for her! (Julie has no clue this is!) Julie got engaged this past September (just a few week after me!) and since then we've been planning our weddings pretty much every single day together with the help of google chat. She is a true friend, someone who I can tell errythang too (and I do mean errythang).

Julie and I have a bunch of friends all over the US and it bummed me out that I wouldn't be able to rally up all the troops and have an "in person" shower for her. So I did the next best thing: Hosted a virtual shower instead!

 (Yeah, I'm the cross eyed wonder on the left) (bee tee dubs thanks Ilene for the picture, and yes this is getting framed and going in my studio ASA to the P)

Me and the other guests already sent Julie her shower gifts, now its time to "party!" (and hey you all are invited!). If this was a real life shower I would've made some oreo truffles and decorated them with some cute dessert flags to, ya know, "pinterest" them up. Since you all are attending Julie's shower as well you can print out these bad boys for yourself and join in on the fun :)

(right click, save to desk top, open up in a photo program of your choice and print 'em out!)

I think these guys would've been a big hit at Julie's shower! Go visit Erika, Ilene, Gina and Emily to see what they are bringing to the party! Congrats again Julie, you are going to be a beautiful bride and I am so happy and honored to call you my friend, we love ya <3


  1. this is def the next best thing! so happy you did this! julie, we love you, girl!

  2. these would have been a total hit - I am imagining myself eating waaaaay too many right now! thanks for organizing all of this - it was so fun!

  3. I love you so much!!! I seriously cannot believe this! Leave it to you to come up with this amazing special creative idea. You all are the best, I am so thankful to have met and befriended all of you through the crazy interweb! xoxoxo JA

  4. These look completely delicious! I'm an Oreo addict, so I'd be happy with any sort of dessert that involves them. :) And thank you for the download! I may have to save those for a later date (perhaps some sort of "Gal-entine's Day" party? Anyway, you guys are awesome for throwing Julie an online shower! How fun and supportive!


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