Monday, August 11, 2014

IT'S HERE IT'S HERE IT'S HERE! The New Division of Yellow Heart Art!

May 31st 2012.

The day I officially reserved the website

I didn't know when I would be able to put 100% into my new shop, but I knew I wanted it to happen. Over 2 years later and I am so happy to say that it is here.

do you hear me?


I have designed over 25 products, edited, resized, watermarked and uploaded over 150 product photos, bribed my friends with new facebook profile pics to have them model for me & have stayed up past 2am over these past few months to bring you this:

I rallied up my girl friends, gathered my products, and had a bridal shower photo shoot! I absolutely love how these photos came out.

Advice Cards
Write some words of wisdom to the happy couple the day of their wedding or at the bridal shower!

 Modern Initial Bingo Cards!
Because why do bingo cards gotta look all cheesy?

Cutesy Will You Be My Bridesmaid Card!
because your bestie needs to be by your ugly-cryin' side.

 The Modern "Guest Book"
Get three 8x10s to proudly display in your home after the wedding!

 Wedding Itinerary Break down
Make sure guests don't bail right after cake!

 Modern Geometric Menu
Food is important. The description of your food should look just as good.

Custom Bridal Party Portrait
Because how many monogrammed robes do you really need? This makes a way better bridal party gift.

 Infographic Wedding Program
One word: ah-dorable (does that count as 1 or 2 words?)

 Infographic save-the-dates
because people need to know how many days you 2 have been together

Fancy Table Numbers
You are spending a lot of money on centerpieces, the table number should have its shining moment too.

There are so many other items too! You can check out the entire new collection here!

Come back tomorrow, I'm gonna show you some behind the scenes tidbits of the bridal shoot, and I'm gonna do it "pop up video" style. 

Also if you're in the mood to win $100 to Yellow Heart Art or win A Guest Book from Yellow Heart Bridal then check out the giveaway we have going on over at our instagram account @YellowHeartArt 

So, waddya guys think??

rules for contest:
US residents only. Excludes Puerto Rico. Must be 18 and over. $100 gift card to Yellow Heart Art can only be redeemed at and excludes: pillows, custom personalized art, custom graphic design work. You have the choice to win either $100 to Yellow Heart Art or a guest book  from Yellow Heart Bridal. Enter on instagram by reposting our giveaway image, be a follower of @YellowHeartArt on instagram, use the hashtag #yellowheartartgiveaway and tag @YellowHeartArt in your caption as well as tagging a friend in our original post. Runs from August 11th 2014 - August 17th 2014 12AM EST. Winner announced on our instagram account.


  1. Congrats! This is great news. Everything looks amazing.

  2. everything looks beautiful! congrats on the grand opening!

  3. everything looks so amazing! congrats on all of this - it makes me want to get married again :) :) :).

  4. I LOVE everything! Congrats on the new shop :)

  5. Everything is so lovely! But that's no surprise coming from you! :-)


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