Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday! FREE Spring Time Printables!

I don't know bout you, but when I hear the "F" word (no no not THAT "F" word...I'm talkin bout Free folks) something just happens to me. I dig anything free, even those lame stress reliever balls you get from tradeshows or job orientations.

So I wanted to give you guys something a wee bit cooler than a stress reliever ball (although they are fun to pelt at the Bub's head)

Enjoy some free Spring Time cupcake topper printables on the house! Click the photo for it to open in a new window, right click to save to the desk top, print out those bad boys and adhere them to a toothpick. The flags get folded in half and the circles can either be single or double sided. Whose the queen of the bake sale now? Why that would be you. Martha Who? is what everyone will be saying (I promise, in fact I super duper pinky promise) Now go over indulge in an unhealthy amount of carbs and sugar, I am giving you thee best excuse to do it! (while you're at it I'll take a dozen red velvets please)

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  1. <3 Thank you Leonora! I dig free too! And, I especially dig when the free schwag is something FUN (my other favorite 'F' word) to do with my granddaughter! I think she and I will bake up a super cool surprise for Papa today! :D
    Have a groovy day! ~~ Sharon [Pew! Pew!]

  2. ahhh you're the infamous PEW PEW sharon! hahaha you make me crack up a lot girl! I am soooo stoked that you're going to share these with your granddaughter (how stinkin fun!) Please take pics of the cupcakes when you're done!

  3. I'm definitely stealing these! Thank you so much!! I will get on the cupcakes asap


  4. Pew! Pew! Got my print today! Hooray!! LOVE it!! <3

    ...And, here's a picture story of our cupcake adventure today.....


  5. These are adorable!!! Thanks for sharing! I totally love FREE! Haha. And I LOVE cupcakes! What a perfect combo!

  6. huzzah so stoked everyone is diggin' em! thanks guys! More printables and tutorials to come every tuesday <3

  7. ADORABLE!!! Now, who's going to make the cupcakes for me? I avoid the kitchen like the plague!

  8. I love all these cupcake flags, but I'm not able to print them. I click on the image, it goes to a picture view image and there is no option to "save as". Don't know what I'm doing wrong - do I need to be a subscriber to your blog or something? The blog world is all new to me!


  9. Ridiculously cute!!! These are awesome. I wanted to let your know I shared this on my blog: http://vixenmade.blogspot.ca/2012/03/free-printable-friday-spring.html


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